Tutti Frutti Festival is a huge success

Tutti Frutti 2011'Happy Feet Dancers.
Tutti Frutti 2011'Happy Feet Dancers.

AWESOME! That’s how one onlooker described last weekend’s Tutti Frutti festival and it was easy to see why.

In a packed debut year for Morecambe’s “Top 20” festival season, this the fifth annual celebration of 1950s rock ‘n’ roll was arguably the best of 2011 so far.

A scorching array of bands retro-blasted the audience back in time at The Platform with Saturday afternoon’s free outdoor stage entertainment watched by a crowd that verged at peak times on 600-800 people.

The sun was hot, the grassy verge outside The Platform was covered in picnickers or people of all ages just there to enjoy the music, some dancing to the ‘50s sounds in the concrete “dance floor” area in front of the stage, others bopping away to themselves on deckchairs, but all really enjoying themselves and soaking up the atmosphere.

Leather jackets, sideburns and polka dot dresses were the order of the day. The ‘50s fashions and shiny cars outside The Station pub gave the whole area a feel of the set of Grease!

Tutti Frutti exploded into action at the packed Platform on Friday night as The Bob Cats and Colin Paul & The Persuaders ensured the dancefloor was full all night

Saturday is always exciting, exhilarating and non-stop.

The Happy Feet Dancers breezed onto the promenade with their best display yet.

Eddie Robbins’ 50s and early 60s set passed too quickly. Local lad Eddie is effortless on the microphone, a real smoothie with a velvet voice.

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