Review: Parsons not for me

Andy Parsons is at Derby's Guildhall Theatre in May.
Andy Parsons is at Derby's Guildhall Theatre in May.
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Andy Parsons. Grand Theatre, Lancaster.

When you are planning to see a comedian you shouldn’t hold high expectations just because they resemble a family member.

Mock the Week has always been one of my favourite comedy quiz shows but I have never really enjoyed Andy Parsons.

However because he looks somewhat like my father (sorry dad) I always seem to give him the benefit of the doubt - “maybe next time he will be funnier?”

Although this seems somewhat odd I think I stretched my sympathies a little too far on Thursday night.

Awkward cringes and snippets of embarrassment encompassed the night for me when watching Andy hop around the stage at the Lancaster Grand Theatre.

What did keep me entertained was the icy stares one gentleman was getting from his wife sitting next to him.

His laugh, which filled the room, was enough to get anyone’s temper flaring especially when it rang through the air spontaneously at random times.

Toilet humour can be taken too far, not on an offensive level for me, but when you are relying on that for most of your act it does get too much.

Although I didn’t laugh at great lengths Parsons did have a point with most of his topics.

Fair play to the comic who has had a glittering career, being the writer for Spitting Image, a regular guest on BBC’s Mock the Week and a regular voice on BBC Radio 2 with his series Parsons and Naylor’s Pull-Out Sections. But he is just not for me. Maybe next time he will be funnier?