Little Voice star set for Dukes

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PETER Rylands says he is looking forward to his homecoming to The Dukes but wishes Morecambe had its own theatre too.

For the star of The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, which begins a three-week run at The Dukes tomorrow (March 24), his role as Mr Boo marks his first at the Lancaster theatre since 1992.

But The Dukes, and the area as a whole, has remained very close to Peter’s heart over the past two decades.

So much so, that the Hampshire-born actor moved to the district eight years ago and now lives in Morecambe, where he has hopes of a revival for the resort.

“What Morecambe really does lack is entertainment,” he says.

“It’s a crying shame that the Winter Gardens hasn’t been developed.

“It will never be what it was as a variety theatre but now The Dome has gone there’s nowhere suitable in Morecambe for theatre.

“A lot of people still go to Morecambe for their holidays and long weekends. The Midland has been great for the town but there needs to be something for folk to do with their money.”

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