Romantic book is set in Morecambe Bay

A romantic novel set around Morecambe Bay is now available to buy.

Friday, 29th December 2017, 9:53 am
Updated Friday, 29th December 2017, 10:55 am
The book is now available to buy.

Pebbles, love across the Morecambe Bay is written by Steve Kay and is a story of love, travel and mystery.

“People and pebbles are in many ways similar; in many manners they are symbiotic, since like one person’s voice on a still morning, a ripple from a pebble cast into a tarn, can spread afar,” said Mr Kay.

“Karen and Frank who grew up in Lancashire would along with pebbles, play with their children, who in turn would swap throughout Europe the gemstones they had found in places as far apart as: The Lake District, The Canary Islands and The Alps, with their loved ones, and with love this family sometimes took the pebbles as a kind of talisman on travels just

as members of their families would join.

“The most precious of all; was a blue slate pebble, given with love on the continent to Mark from his lover.

“A few years later and now back with the mother of his first child; the pebble was placed in a bedroom, which overlooked

the Lakeland Fells.

“The good luck charm must stay with him, while the origins of her secrets; would be carried to the grave, by the man who was now at home in Garstang and with the love of his life from his hometown.”

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