Teenage singer-songwriter’s ode to Morecambe

Musician Joe McCorriston
Musician Joe McCorriston
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An emotive ode to Morecambe has been an online hit for a teenage singer-songwriter.

Joe McCorriston’s superb song ‘57’ is receiving plays on websites YouTube and Soundcloud from as far afield as Japan, China and the USA.

Joe, 18, was inspired to write ‘57’ by the romanticism and frustration of living in our beautiful seaside town. His poetic lyrics combine with twangy vocals and toe-tapping acoustic guitar to create a piece of work beyond his years.

The song tells the story of how as a child, Joe longed to sail away in the Bay to escape Morecambe.

But now, despite the town’s faults, he wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

“A lot of people hate Morecambe but I love it,” said Joe, a Lancaster and Morecambe College music student.

“People who live here don’t appreciate it enough.

“And as a songwriter, you have to write a song about your home town, don’t you?”

But why is it called ‘57’?

“It’s the number of my house,” he said.

“I was struggling for a name and thought this was very close to home, and would make people think.”

Other local musicians have used Morecambe as an inspiration for lyrics in the past.

Kriss Foster’s ‘Ode to Morecambe’ was a local radio sensation a few years ago with its quirky mentions for Bruccianis, Rita’s Cafe and the Polo Tower.

The Heartbreaks’ 2012 album ‘Funtimes’ includes a song called ‘Winter Gardens’ and many other references to the town.

Go to www.thevisitor.co.uk to listen to Joe’s song.