Shopping centre gig is ideal stage for students

Left to right; Alec Tuffen, Lillie Symonds,  Maureen Guinan, Luc Tuffen, Maya Marwedel and Victoria Munson at The Music Spot
Left to right; Alec Tuffen, Lillie Symonds, Maureen Guinan, Luc Tuffen, Maya Marwedel and Victoria Munson at The Music Spot

Budding Lancaster musicians will perform for the first time at an improvised three- hour charity concert in the city centre this weekend.

Around 30 music students of all ages will perform live in St Nic’s Arcade on Saturday, May 6, raising money for St John’s Hospice.

For some, this will be their first time playing live in front of an audience. Guy Morris, guitar tutor at The Music Spot, which has organised the event, has even put together a mini-group for the event.

Guy, who plays guitar for Lancaster band The Howling Clowns, said: “The charity concert has given some of my students the chance to play together for the first time.

“My students will perform in public to entertain the local community whilst raising money for an extremely worthy cause.” Guy’s student Andrew Ross, 17, said: “I relish any opportunity to play guitar.

“I am looking forward to my first public performance and it’s going to be a fun way of raising money for charity.”

Concert leader Maureen Guinan, proprietor of The Music Spot, which was established in 1999, said: “Fundraising helps to teach our young students about the value of community and how to care for others by supporting charities.

“Doing something for the benefit of others gives students an extra incentive to come out of their comfort zone and perform in public.”

Music Spot tutor Victoria Munson, an international cabaret artiste and vocal coach, said: “Any chance to sing in front of a live audience is most important for any performer.

“Performing helps students build their confidence and encourages them to consider how to present the song while developing a stage presence.”

There will be performances throughout Saturday from 11.30am until 2.20pm just outside Boots in St Nic’s.

The Howling Clowns will perform later at The Stonewell Tavern for their “78th birthday bash”.

Established in 1999, the school is headed by Maureen Guinan, and staffed by a team of highly qualified and committed teachers. “We offer tailored tuition to every one of our students,” says Maureen, “whether they want to play rock guitar, pursue classical piano studies or sing their hearts out. We provide a wide variety of instrumental and vocal tuition, and our aim, above all, is for students to fall in love with music making. “But playing music isn’t just fun – it’s also a fantastic all-round stimulus, developing physical co-ordination, number and pattern recognition, and creative expression. And performing in our regular concerts lets students experience the excitement of sharing their talents.

Guy Morris, guitar tutor at The Music Spot and a well known guitarist from local band ‘The Howling Clowns’, has put together a mini group for the fundraiser;

Saturdays charity concert will involve over 30 students including children, teenagers, adults and some of the tutors from The Music Spot. The Music Spot School of Music will present an improvised three hour charity concert at St Nic’s Arcade Lancaster outside Boots the Chemist from 11.30am – 2.30pm

This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy watching students play or sing their favourite piece of music in front of family, friends and the public while raising money for a very worthy cause.

We would love to see you there, do come and support us if you can!