Sex P****d Dolls to play in Morecambe

Sex Pissed Dolls. Picture by Ian Rook.
Sex Pissed Dolls. Picture by Ian Rook.
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An all-female rock band whose grungy style of covering their favourite bands earned them a chance to write their own music will be coming to Morecambe.

The Sex P****d Dolls will be stopping off in Morecambe as part of their ‘Avenging Angels’ tour.

Nancy Doll (Caroline Beaumont) from the Sex Pissed Dolls

Nancy Doll (Caroline Beaumont) from the Sex Pissed Dolls

Formed in 2014, the group exploded on to the scene and quickly gained a reputation as a must see live band with a visual presence and an energy few could match.

A tour followed and initially the band covered songs by The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Nirvana and more in their own style.

Last year saw a diversification into writing their own music, the result was their debut EP ‘Maniac,’ recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios and produced by Steve Brown.

Their live performances attracted the attention of global music supremo John Giddings who invited them to join his stable of artists at Solo.

The list of artists John has worked with and also currently looks after include Madonna, U2, Lady Gaga, The Rolling Stones, Phil Collins, Blondie and the late David Bowie.

The band were also invited to be featured on the TV documentary Rock Tales and are now writing new material.

They will perform at The Platform on Saturday (September 16) at 8pm. Tickets £15 at or 01524 582803.

The show is suitable for over 18s only.