New album with much more mature sound

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Boybands are short-lived in the way that a noisy firework causes a significant furore, then following the bang, just fizzles away into the night sky.

Blue have a tad more staying power although it’s probably inaccurate to refer to them as a boyband now.

We are known for our original tracks and decided we had to make our own album

They are leaning more into the man band category considering that they are all parents in their thirties. They have an enduring success and fourteen years after their debut, they are about to release a new album.

They still have a strong fan base in this country and are massive in Europe. Their popularity on the continent helped the UK secure its best result in Eurovision in recent years when they competed in 2011.

Simon, Anthony, Duncan and Lee’s new material has a very mature sound.

When the lads visited my show on The Bay, Lee commented: “It does sound mature, it’s because we have all grown up, unfortunately.”

“Originally our record label wanted us to do an album of covers and we felt uncomfortable with that.

“We are known for our original tracks and decided we had to make our own album.

Simon wrote the first single ‘King Of The World’ which is brilliant and set the bar for the rest of the writing.

That’s why it’s a lot more soulful with more intricate harmonies than ever before.

Duncan added “Colours is a soulful album that really shows off our vocals at their best. We are all very pleased with it.”

Blue are no stranger to reality television.

Following an appearance on The Big Reunion, the guys were given their own show on ITV2 – ‘Blue Go Mad in Ibiza.’

Simon explained, “On paper it seemed like a great idea. The four of us running a bar on the sunny Isle of Ibiza but that’s not quite how it was.

“It was really hard. We had no idea it was a set-up.

Actors were employed to fool us and make life very difficult. We never suspected a thing.”

Lee continued “It was such hard work. Late nights, early mornings and working all day in a bar. Never again!”

The guys are getting back to what they do best – touring the UK and Europe.”

Anthony said “We are just about to start rehearsals. We are putting on one hell of a show featuring loads of new songs and of course our greatest hits. I can’t wait.”

Blue’s new album ‘Colours’ is out now.