National Lottery fame for Morecambe Brass Band

Morecambe Brass Band
Morecambe Brass Band
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Morecambe Brass Band joined in The National Lottery’s 20 year celebrations after being one of the first projects to receive funding.

The band received the first cheque of £47,000 for new instruments 20 years ago and have now featured on several TV programmes about the Lottery’s ‘Life Changing’ project.

Bernard Vause, president of Morecambe Brass Band, said: “When you give an aspiring player, no matter how old they are, a good instrument then it acts as a stimulus to practice and that is one of the by-products of receiving this wonderful grant all those years ago.”

On Saturday night, November 22, the brass players performed on a special edition of The National Lottery Live on BBC One.

The band also appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain on November 19, playing outside a newsagent in Romford, who have been the biggest Lottery winners per head of population.

Andrew Warriner, Morecambe Brass Band conductor, said: “Appearing on Good Morning Britain was wonderful publicity, although it was a bit surreal to be playing Whigfield’s SaturdayNight on a cold Wednesday morning many miles from home!” Jackie O’Sullivan, from The National Lottery, said: “The grant has led to countless hours of fulfilment for band members and people who have enjoyed their music.”