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Queen and Adam Lambert.
Queen and Adam Lambert.
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Everybody loves Queen. They have so many highlights – Bohemian Rhapsody in the 70s, Live Aid in the 80s which thirty years on people are still talking about.

At the time they were the biggest band in the world. They have such an outstanding catalogue of hits and I’m pretty sure everybody owns at least one Queen album.

Since we lost Freddie in 1991, Bryan May and Roger Taylor seem to have been in limbo. Bassist John Deacon has retired but like so many rockers, Bryan and Roger struggle to give into the pipe and slippers. Each has tried various solo projects over the years but they look at their happiest when playing in Queen.

Out of the blue last year Queen announced their first American tour in years and have now brought the show to the UK and Europe. Former American Idol contestant Adam Lambert is on lead vocals.

I’m a Queen fan but to be totally honest I was totally non-plussed when I heard about the tour. I must admit that I was of the opinion that Queen could never do anything worthwhile without Freddie, so why bother? Then, on New Year’s Eve, my plans were cancelled last minute and I ended up staying in.

Adam Lambert and Queen were doing a live show on TV and I was blown away. That guy can sing. What an incredible vocal range. I had a look on social media and there was such a massive buzz about the show. Bryan and Roger have still got ‘it’ and Adam does a sensational job of bringing those classic songs to life.

The trio are interviewed in the latest Classic Rock magazine, in which Brian May and Roger Taylor spoke highly of Adam Lambert.

Lambert has a sensational voice with a wide range. Bryan May said: “Adam is the first person we’ve encountered who can do all the Queen catalogue without blinking. He is a gift from god.”

Freddie Mercury does appear in the show. He will be on screen performing alongside the current member of the band during ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’