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Peter Andre.
Peter Andre.
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Peter Andre is probably one of the nicest guys in showbiz.

He popped by my Bay radio show for a chat ahead of the release of his festive album ‘White Christmas.’

“I love the cold weather in the UK at this time of year,” he told me. I grew up in Australia.

“We used to cool the turkey on Christmas Eve then on the day itself take the whole family to the beach for Turkey sandwiches.”

I think if we did that on Morecambe beach we night get a few odd looks.

Despite his celebrity, Peter prefers a simple Christmas.

“My kids have been brought up to not want the most expensive toy, that’s not what Christmas is about.

“We don’t try to make each year bigger than the last, the presents are simple and we all have a great time.”

Peter has not had a conventional career path.

His mid-nineties hit ‘Mysterious Girl’ is still a guilty pleasure for many after a few sherbets at a wedding night do. He went on to record an R’n’B album and become a serious, credible artist.

It never really worked out that way and his wilderness years followed which only came to an end after his appearance in the jungle on ‘I’m a Celebrity’ and his subsequent marriage to Katie Price.

Peter Andre is not so much considered an artist anymore but be still makes money out of music and has been very astute. He is fully aware he will never be the next Justin Timberlake so he makes music that critics will cringe at but his fans love.

And what a dedicated bunch of fans he has. My Twitter went crazy when I announced his appearance on the show.

Andre has had to find new ways of funding and distributing his music and making a living from it.

His new festive album is a bit of a ground-breaking deal actually.

The record is only available in the retailer ‘Iceland’ of which he is fronting their festive advertising campaign.