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Noel Gallagher.
Noel Gallagher.

We’ve had some good guests on my Bay radio show this year, I think it’s down to the posh coffee we serve.

I’m from the school of ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get.’

So when I heard that Noel Gallagher had a new album coming out I thought I will ask his people for an interview.

What is the worst that could happen? So I made the call and was told that Noel wasn’t doing any interviews at the moment but if the situation changes they will call me back. I thought ‘yeah right that’s not going to happen.’

Two weeks later just after eleven at night I was brushing my teeth about to climb into my pit when my mobile rang. A well to do lady asked: “Do you still want to chat to Noel Gallagher? He has fifteen minutes free tomorrow.”

Well I jumped at the chance. Not much sleeping for me that night, I spent most of it researching my questions and listening to Oasis songs, I’m sure my neighbours were delighted.

Noel was exactly as I expected him to be. Down-to-earth, no-nonsense and non-plussed. His new single is out this month but the album will not be in stores until next March.

“It’s finished.” Noel told me.

“I finished it the day after the World Cup, I don’t understand the business side of things but because I’m now an independent artist my people have to trawl it around the world sorting out deals.”

I was keen to know whether someone who has sold a gazillion records and is a genuine rock God still gets nervous about playing his new stuff to people.

“No. It’s irrelevant to me what people think about it. If it gets slammed by reviewers it doesn’t mean anything to me.

“Equally if the critics love it, then it’s irrelevant. This album has some of the best songs I’ve ever written and some that aren’t but it all works in the context of the album.”

Noel’s album ‘Chasing Yesterday’ is out in March.