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Olly Murs.
Olly Murs.

After runners up Liberty X eclipsed the victorious Hear’say in the original TV talent contest ‘Popstars’ it has been the accepted norm that whoever finishes second ends up having a more successful career than the winner.

Olly Murs is living proof of this. After Joe McElderry beat him in the 2009 X Factor final the cheeky chappie from Essex has not looked back.

About to release his fourth album and practically a National treasure, Olly came on my show on The Bay to chat about his future plans.

His new single ‘Wrapped Up’ has been going down a storm and it is so catchy I can guarantee we will all be dancing to it at this year’s work’s Christmas do.

“I’m really pleased with the reaction,” he told me. “I do always get a bit nervous when releasing new songs but there is a great buzz around this one.

I know it’s not to everyone’s taste but so far so good.”

His new album ‘Never been better’ is out soon and Olly explains that the title reflects that the record is his best work to date.

“We’ve gone for a really big sound with great production on it. I would describe it as feel-good mainly although it goes through a lot of different emotions from anger, to hatrid with happy moments and sad moments. It has got a bit of everything in there and I’m really happy with it.”

The benefits of being on a reality TV show are obvious, that exposure is very useful for aspiring artists. The problem they then have is being taken seriously as an artist who actually writes their own material. Olly feels he has overcome this and a ringing endorsement came from working with Paul Weller. The two wrote a track together for Mur’s latest album. He told me “I still can’t believe it happened.

“It was a special moment for me, he has the music of my childhood, plus my mum and dad were huge fans when I was growing up and I had to keep pinching myself when I was in there with him.”