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James Blunt.
James Blunt.

James Blunt has enjoyed 2014. His single ‘Bonfire Heart’ stormed the top ten and the accompanying album ‘Moon Landing’ peaked at number two in the UK chart.

James is now doing that thing where he is releasing the album again with a few extra tracks on it knowing that his diehard fans will buy it again.

I had a chat with Mr Blunt on my show direct from his hotel room in Germany where he is currently touring. We discussed the tenth anniversary of his debut album ‘Back To Bedlam’ which contained that song. The one that got played to death ‘You’re Beautiful.’

James can’t quite believe it’s been ten years.

“Time has flown its scary stuff.

“As a debut album it couldn’t have done any better. I didn’t expect it at all. I had visions of touring North London but ended up on a world tour instead.”

James Blunt is currently on his fourth world tour which hits the UK at the end of November.

He said: “I’m in Bremen which is fine but I can’t wait to come home and perform for my fans. I’m treating Europe like a big warm up for the UK. My tour has gone amazing so far and it’s an eighteen month long tour and I’m really enjoying it. Me and the band try and spend some quality time in the places we visit too. We all have bikes so we spend our free time cycling round all the cities we go to.”

If you don’t follow James Blunt on Twitter you really should, the way he responds to Muppets is brilliant. The internet brings out a lot of bitter and twisted people hiding behind the anonymity of their keyboard. James gives as good as he gets. One example I spotted the Tweeter said: ‘My Mum hates James Blunt.’ His reply was: ‘Is that because I won’t pay child support?!’

James’s new album Moon Landing Apollo edition is out now and features several brand new tracks. “I’ve written some songs I’m really pleased with. I could have waited three years until my next album but I decided to let my fans hear them now.”