Milby On Music column

Singer David Bowie.
Singer David Bowie.

David Bowie started the ball rolling last year when his album appeared without notice.

No hype, no fanfare, no promotion. Bowie has always been an innovator and this idea worked a treat.

A few months later the world’s biggest pop star Beyoncé did the same trick with her album.

She did progress the idea by creating a visual album – in effect you got a free music video for each track when you downloaded the album.

The concept has evolved again – as U2 have surprised fans by the sudden appearance of a new record.

With Bowie and Beyoncé, fans still had to actually buy the album if they wanted it. U2’s ‘Songs of Innocence’ removed the hassle of buying the thing and downloading it.

The album just popped up on everyone’s iTunes. I didn’t ask for the new U2 album, didn’t particularly want it, but apparently I now own it – as do you.

It’s an interesting strategy – as one of the world’s biggest selling bands they are not going to make a penny out of giving their latest record away free.

All I can assume is the strategy rests on getting the band’s new music out to as many people as possible in the hope it will generate massive interest for ticket sales when the inevitable tour is announced.

I’m fed up of reading about Kate Bush and her live shows.

I’m a massive fan of Kate and I never managed to get tickets so my little green monster is rearing its ugly head. I believe certain ticket holders for Kate Bush’s ‘Before the Dawn’ shows have been told that their seats may move for the purposes of filming.

Does this mean there will be a live DVD? I hope so. Not sure I can wait 35 years for the next tour.

We’ve just added a great song to The Bay’s playlist by producer, rapper and DJ ‘Shift K3y.’

His debut single ‘Touch’ reached number three in the charts in April and his new one ‘I Know’ is a belter. He popped by my show on The Bay for a chat about it and said: “The new track is the best thing I’ve ever done so I’m nervous but really excited about it.”

Pretty unique for a DJ set, when he plays not only does he DJ but he sings live at the same time.