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Rizzle Kicks.
Rizzle Kicks.
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Rizzle Kicks have become household names since their debut album ‘Stereotypical’ was released in 2011.

Harley and Jordan have had numerous hit singles. The hip hop duo had a massive hit last year with their second album ‘Roaring 20s’ and are always on the telly including the infamous moment with Huey Morgan when presenting ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks.’

The guys are on the promotional trail for their new single ‘Tell Her’ and dropped by my show on The Bay for a chat.

The new song is the first time Jordan has sang on a track instead of rapping. He told me “It’s actually very weird to do live because I’ve spent the last three years as a rapper, which I still enjoy and I still do but when you are singing live you have to really think about stuff and when you are rapping it’s kind of like second nature really.

“I know people may think that a weird thing to say but I’ve been rapping so long I’m just used to doing it.

“And I’ve always rhymed words and been into poetry and it was just something I got into.”

The boys are currently working on their third album which they hope to release later on this year.

I asked them if this new sound is a taste of things to come on the new record. Harley told me: “It’s actually in a similar vain to the new single. It’s quite funky and Jordan will be singing quite a lot.”

The genius of Rizzle Kicks is their lyrics. Jordan told me “Usually the lyrics come last.

“We are inspired by hearing music.

“We will hear a beat and that will trigger something and if we have a word or phrase in our mind we can then start to build the song.”

The boys are also busy acting. Harley has been making the new film the Guv’nor where he plays a bad lad.

“It’s a gangland thriller set in South London. My character has a real attitude. I had to be in a bad mood during filming to get into character, I think the rest of the cast thought I was quite moody.”

Jordan is in a new drama for E4 called Glue – which is on in September. It’s a modern twist on a murder mystery. He said “Everyone loves a whodunit and none of us know who the murderer was until filming was over.”