Milby on Music column


Kendal Calling is once again upon us.

What a great line up once again. Suede, Frank Turner, Example, Razorlight, Clean Bandit and shed loads more.

I thought it would be a good idea to chat to one of the headliners on my show ahead of the festival.

I settled on Example. But he was a complete nightmare to get hold of. That man is so busy.

After several failed attempts I managed to grab him during a very brief visit to the UK to see his wife.

“I’ve done 15 gigs in the last 20 days.” He told me.

“Including about 20 flights but I’m back home for a very brief visit before flying off for a gig in Ibiza. I’m surprised my wife remembers what I look like – thank God for Instagram!”

I seemed to catch Example with his guard down, His hectic schedule is starting to get him down a bit.

“I’ve actually been at breaking point a few times because the main reason I do this job is the fact that I love being on stage but to be honest everything else that comes with it is just exhausting.

“You don’t get to see anything anywhere. You just get off the plane, do two hours of interviews, then do the gig then it’s on to the next.”

Example is headlining Kendal Calling and despite his manic schedule he is excited about the performance.

“I’ve been doing festivals now non-stop for the past seven years and I’m pretty sure I’ve done most of them but it’s actually my first time in Kendal.

“I’ve been told it’s like a mini Glastonbury because people always say one of the best things is the atmosphere and it has that whole family vibe.

“I think the line-up is a really good mix of old and new.”

I asked him to give us a few sneak previews from his set.

“Well it’s a headline slot so there will be some special effects in there like flames, lasers and fireworks.

“In terms of the set I am not very gimmicky.

“I just like to rattle out all the hits and there will be some stuff in there from the new album.

“It’s just really about getting the crowd going.

“I’ve found in the past whether we’ve got an amazing lights show or not we tend to get the crowd going nuts. People know my shows for the energy and the best thing is you often leave and people will tweet you the next day saying they weren’t really fans but they are now because of the live show.”