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Popstars Neon Jungle.
Popstars Neon Jungle.
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The peace at The Bay studios was shattered this week when four excited ladies burst in giggling and singing.

Girl band Neon Jungle had been cooped up for a long journey and now like a kid on Haribo they were ready to unleash themselves on the unsuspecting Bay listeners.

It was actually one of the easiest interviews I’ve ever done. The girls were intelligent and enthusiastic and to be honest I couldn’t get a word in edgeways.

Neon Jungle have seen their first three singles enter the UK top ten. They have also been making waves across the pond culminating in a recent invitation to perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York.

“It happened so quickly,” Shereen from the group told me.

“We only had a few hours to get ourselves ready before we were on the plane. With it being a fashion show I thought I’d feel self-conscious about what we were wearing but actually we felt overdressed. All the outfits were so skimpy.”

Neon Jungle are about to release their debut album ‘Welcome to the jungle.’ After such an incredible year I was keen to know if there had been any surreal moments.

Asami said “Filming our first music video was really exciting and the other big moment for me was playing our album to the big bosses at our American record label. They were clapping and shouting ‘Welcome to America’ and I just couldn’t hold back the tears.”

The girls are feeling a mix of stomach-churning nerves and jump up and down excitement about the release of the new album. According to Amira, “We’ve all grown up listening to different stuff.

“From hard rock to hip hop, pop and Motown. This album is all of that combined and a really eclectic mix. People have told us that all our singles have been really different from each other. We are not your average girl band and our album certainly reflects that.”

I asked the girls where they would like all this to lead. Jessica said: “To have our own dolls that would be so cool. They would have to feature interchangeable heads to reflect our different hair styles. You certainly know you have made it when you have your own doll!”

Asami chipped in, “No – dolls are too mainstream. We should just have dolls heads that people can play with. That would make us different.”

Neon Jungle’s debut album is great pop and nearly as loud and fun as the girls themselves,