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Gareth Gates.
Gareth Gates.
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The idea that the original TV talent show Pop Idol was twelve years ago is a scary one.

It makes me feel very old.

If you remember the nation was gripped.

We all thought little Gareth Gates was going to win after all his struggles with his stammer.

Yet at the last moment victory was snatched by the very talented Will Young.

Gareth Gates popped into The Bay recently for a chat ahead of a comeback tour.

“The past four or five years I’ve moved away from the pop star thing and gone into theatre,” he told me.

“I’ve landed some great roles in Les Mis, Joseph and Legally Blonde.

“It was fun but I think when you spend that long out of the music industry you start to miss making your own songs.”

Gareth famously overcame his debilitating stammer but he is a bit nervous being on the radio and is finding it tough and tells himself to slow down.

Gareth has actually scored five UK number one singles and is revisiting his old material on his forthcoming tour.

His voice is noticeably richer these days.

“I was 17 when I did Pop Idol and my voice has grown since then and all the training from my time in the West End my voice is much better.

“It is deeper and more mature.”

That 17 year old lad from our TV screens is about to hit the big 30. “It makes me feel sick thinking of thirty!

“I’m planning on hiring out a superstar villa in Ibiza and flying friend and family out there and we are just going to sip a few brandies by the pool.”

Gareth Gates was back on the telly recently on ITV 2’s The Big Reunion where he formed a group with some other former pop stars.

All the boy bands from the show will be touring the UK later this year and Gareth will be on stage with Fifth Story.

On the programme there clearly wasn’t any love lost between Gareth and 90s Pop Star Kavana. “I’ve never performed in a band before and I didn’t like the idea of sharing a stage at first but it turned out to be great fun.

“And as regards to Kavana it’s all good.

“He’s got a few issues but we are mates now.

“The tour should be great fun and to be honest the nights out afterwards are bound to cause carnage!”