Lau return to Lancaster Grand Theatre this weekend

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Already acknowledged as thrilling live performers and folk music pioneers, Lau arrive at a new creative peak with Midnight and Closedown.

The band’s 12-year recording career is filled with unexpected collaborations, accolades and innovative ideas.

The sound of Lau in 2019 is perhaps closer to late period Beatles than to the traditional tunes and ballads of their 2007 debut Lightweights and Gentlemen. And yet the new album’s closing track Riad marks a full circle, stripping the lineup back to bare acoustic instruments.

Midnight and Closedown is Lau’s first new music since 2015’s The Bell That Never Rang.

Producer John Parish described the music as “tender, bewitching and mournful, uplifting, experimental and political.

“These are new sounds still rooted in the traditional music that brought together the UK’s three finest folk artists.

‘Lau. Cool band. Don’t sound like anybody else. I could describe the instrumentation : treated fiddle, guitar and rich baritone voice, an electronic ship in a bottle. A beautiful set of songs and instrumentals. In touch with their roots but not bound by them’.

Tickets for the show on February 16 are priced £18.50 and the show starts at 8pm.