Joel’s American dream

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Lancaster guitarist Joel Kent may not be a name you are familiar with, but watch this space.

Soon, Joel Kent could be the next big thing after his guitar demo being snapped up by guitar and composing legend Steve Vai.

Still just 18 years old, Joel has been working tirelessly at his craft for years and has been playing in clubs since the tender age of 11, accompanied by his father Steve Kent.

He stands out due to his Hendrix-like penchant for playing the guitar behind his head...even with his teeth!

Joel explains “I’ve been working really hard for years, writing my own material and playing hundreds of gigs to try and get noticed.

“I love composing but my real passion is playing rock-oriented music live. Steve Vai has always been a significant influence on my approach to music and one of my main inspirations, so for him to think of my music as worthy enough for his record label is an incredible feeling”.

Steve Vai has sold 15 million albums worldwide, played with world-renowned artists such as Frank Zappa, David Lee Roth and Whitesnake and won multiple grammy awards.

In 1999 Vai started his own record label “Digital Nations” and upon encountering Joel’s music, Steve had it release Joel’s album.

Joel one day hopes to follow in Vai’s footsteps and travel to America and attend the prestigious, Berklee College of Music. In fact, he has already been granted a place there (a considerate achievement considering the admittance rate is roughly 33% of applicants) but needs to find the funds for the visa and high college fees.

He is hoping that sales of his album will contribute towards the fees and in the mean time he’ll keep playing and working hard to promote his music locally.

Joel’s first album Perfect Khaos contains ten original songs and is available to download on Amazon, Spotify and iTunes now.