Everyone is insane, says Lancaster musician

Dean Marroni onstage at Solfest with Divide & Conker. Photo by Graham Wynne
Dean Marroni onstage at Solfest with Divide & Conker. Photo by Graham Wynne
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Everyone is insane.

That’s what Lancaster-based singer-songwriter Dean Marroni reckons, and he might not be far wrong.

Dean Marroni grapples with one of life's fundamental questions

Dean Marroni grapples with one of life's fundamental questions

The 26-year-old has taken to the internet to vent his frustrations and musing over weighted questions, and Buzzfeed style conversations to camera.

He’s also written and self-produced more than 12 albums in eight years, using music making program Logic to combine rap vocals, guitar and electronica before putting the music out for free on Bandcamp.

His track ‘Everyone is Insane’ has recently been given the full band treatment by Lancaster-based funk outfit Divide & Conker, for whom Dean is vocalist.

Dean’s musical explorations started out with a visit to More Music in his native Morecambe, prior to joining or creating bands including Epic Afternoon, Pandemonium, A Day In The Life and The Regulars.

“There was a big gap where I was still making music but not with a band,” Dean explains as we chat over a pint in the John O’ Gaunt in Lancaster.

“I’m writing every day. I tend to do a few songs a week and most of them go out on YouTube, then I’ll handpick some for the albums. It’s keeping me out of trouble.”

Dean has never charged money for his music, and finds the concept strange, although he has been sent Amazon vouchers by a fan in America.

“I’ve always felt a little bit weird about charging money,” he said.

“I feel priveliged to be doing this, so why would I charge?

“I have a new album coming out on October 10 called An Ode To The Night though, so I may ask for a few quid for that.”

Dean said his writing used to be focussed on a specific topic, but now it comes from a feeling. He said: “It’s trying to understand my own feelings really. I can’t look at them properly when they’re inside me, I have to get them out. Songs where the lyrics are mundane are a wasted opportunity. It’s a chance to say something, but it’s not for me to tell people how to take it.”

As well as the music, Dean’s YouTube channel is certainly not for the faint hearted.

The War on Bulls**t features a collection of videos Dean has put together in response to monologues he has seen on the internet.

These include Dean Marroni Vs Statist Cliches, Dean Marroni Vs Black Questions for White People, Dean Marroni Vs “Atheists are wrong about faith” guy, and ‘Mr Trump!’

There is strong language.

Dean said: “The War on Bulls**t is the only way to bring an end to war like solutions once and for all - the war on drugs, the war on terror etc. It’s a war on that concept, and the institutions that have created them. Anything that’s uncomfortable and controversial - that’s what we need to focus on.”

The debut album from Divide & Conker is due out in November. The band have secured several performances at this year’s Lancaster Music Festival as well.

Visit www.lancastermusicfestival.com, or search for Divide & Conker on Facebook.