Darren Milby column: There is life beyond X Factor for Matt

Matt Cardle
Matt Cardle
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Matt Cardle has the most loyal fans.

I tweeted that he would be on my show and over 70 fans messaged me with questions they wanted me to ask him.

And the switchboard went crazy when he was chatting to me on the Bay.

Matt famously won the biggest series of X Factor in 2010. It was the year where the show was at its most powerful with 19 million people watching the final, as Matt beat Rebecca Ferguson and none other than One Direction (whatever happened to them?)

We’ve discussed many times the fate of winners of that show and speculated with theories as to why their careers last less than a year on average.

But Cardle is slightly different.

He was in a way always too talented for the show. He was a songwriter long before he took part in the reality show and has an incredible vocal range.

Despite delivering every week on the live shows you could just tell that singing cover versions didn’t sit well with him.

After the show he got the record deal with Sony and was basically destined to be Simon Cowell’s puppet.

Singing whatever the record company told him to do.

The first single from his debut album was recorded and ready to go and at the last minute the label said to him we are not releasing your song we want you to sing the one that Gary Barlow has written.

I put it to Matt that leaving Sony and having success on his own record label was a bigger achievement than winning the X Factor.

“I feel the same way,” he told me.

“It was a big deal for me winning X Factor and then leaving Sony and doing it on my own, producing these albums myself and my second album reaching number eight and selling so well,

“My new album Porcelain’ has just come out and I hope we are going to do it again.”

The new album got off to a great start as the first single ‘Lovin’ You’ with Mel C was a top ten smash and one of our most requested songs of the year on The Bay.

Speaking of X Factor winners, last year’s victor James Arthur has been saying a lot of things in the press about Matt Cardle. None of them nice.

I asked Matt if there really was a feud between the pair of them or whether it was just tabloid fodder.

Matt said “The least said about that kid the better and that’s all I’m going to say on the matter!”