Darren Milby column: The Wanted split sounds permanent

The Wanted arriving for Capital FM's Jingle Bell Ball at the O2 Arena, London. Photo: Ian West/PA Wire.
The Wanted arriving for Capital FM's Jingle Bell Ball at the O2 Arena, London. Photo: Ian West/PA Wire.
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Last year tissue sales amongst the teenage female demographic went through the roof.

It was all because boy band ‘The Wanted’ announced that they planned on taking an extended hiatus after their forthcoming UK tour.

Now what does that mean? Is it just a way of saying they are splitting up but breaking it to fans easier.

Lots of pop groups seem to use this technique now.

They never officially break up they just have a ‘break.’

A break that never usually ends.

The Wanted got together in 2010 and in that time have had two number ones in the UK and major success across the pond.

The Wanted have been on my show on The Bay loads of times during their three years together so I gave Nathan from the band a call to find out what is going on.

You know what it’s like if you ever go on holiday with friends.

It’s great for the first couple of days but being with them all day every day you are ready to throttle them by the end of the first week.

It must be worse being in a band day in day out.

I asked Nathan if they are simply fed up of each other.

“No it’s not that.” He told me.

“It’s a break from everything. Every day we get up at six and don’t finish work until midnight and it is mental.

“A lot of people look at what we do and think it must be a great life.

“And it is so much fun and none of us would swap it for the world.

“But it’s so tiring and we felt it was the right time to stop and do what we want for a bit instead of running round and worrying about things like record sales in Germany.”

Hmmm sorry girls that sounds like they are breaking up to me.

It’s a very exciting year for us at The Bay.

And I’d like to say a massive thank you for all the wonderful birthday messages we received for our 21st birthday.

It all started on the 1st March 1993 at 8am when the Otis Reading classic ‘Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay’ was the first song over the airwaves.

We have turned 2014 into a full year of celebration with loads of great things planned but I just wanted to say a huge thank you to our wonderful family of