Darren Milby column: Talking shop on show with You Me At Six

You Me At Six
You Me At Six
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Recently I got to chat to the band ‘You Me At Six’ on my Bay Radio show.

In fact it was Josh and Max who seem to be doing all the promotional work for the new single.

Their new track is called ‘Lived a lie’ and is from their forthcoming fourth studio album which is slated for release sometime in 2014. The band have completed the album.

It was recorded in America. The boys explained to me that they felt bad for their fans as they had been away recording this album for ages and therefore not touring or doing anything to whip the fans into a frenzy.

As a thank you for their patience they decided to release the new track as a download only with minimal promotion purely as an early Christmas present for the fans. After several months of intense work on the new record the band members each decided to relax and take a holiday before the madness of promoting and touring started.

Whilst relaxing on the beach Max tells me he received a call from his record label telling him the holiday has to end immediately and he is to get on the next flight home.

The track given to the fans as a thank you has entered the UK Top 40 at number 11. This happens to be their highest charting single to date. Hence the reason why the boys are touring radio stations making the most of the unexpected success.

The band have been releasing albums since 2008. Each one has sold more copies than the last. Their third album reached number five in the album charts.

Since that record came out things have really started to take off. They sold out Wembley Arena. They are just about to embark on a headline Arena tour of the UK then off to the States for their first headline tour over there. They have recently signed to BMG records and are on the verge of mainstream success. I asked them about this.

I’ve been fans of bands before for example ‘The Offspring’ who had a huge underground following then as soon as the big hits came the core fan base were left seething.

Maybe because the band had become a ‘sell out ‘or maybe because this hidden gem was no longer their little secret. ‘You Me At Six’ have no concerns over any fan backlash. Josh told me the band had remained true to themselves.

With these guys I think when the big time comes knocking it will have to take the band for what they are.