Darren Milby column: Ryan is low profile but high in talent

One Republic
One Republic
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I’m enjoying the brand new One Republic album.

To be honest they are not a band I am particularly familiar with but their record label sent me a box of their CDs to give away on my show on The Bay.

I thought if I’m giving these albums to my listeners I’d better take a listen so that I have a fighting chance of knowing what I’m talking about.

I’m really pleased I did as ‘Native’ is a great record. It’s a quality, classy pop album and filled with tracks as good, if not better than their recent number one hit ‘Counting Stars.’

Front man Ryan Tedder doesn’t have the most amazing celebrity profile.

We all know his songs but I suspect not that many people could name him or would recognise him in the street.

Yet Ryan Tedder is one of the best songwriters in pop music at the moment.

Aside from his work with One Republic, he is also a producer and songwriter for other artists.

I play his songs on the radio every day and most of the time I don’t even realise it’s a song he has written.

Some of the big names include Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Antebellum, Ellie Goulding, Maroon 5 and many more. His bank manager must be a very happy chap!

One Republic had a massive international hit with ‘Apologise.’ The track broke American records for the most radio plays in a week.

But that record was broken by another one of his songs - ‘Bleeding Love’ which he wrote for Leona Lewis. If I had written a pop record that good I’m not sure I would have given it away for someone else to sing.

Although I can’t imagine anyone else singing that record. I guess that song is so good it has possibly been a hindrance to Leona because she’s never released anything as good since.

Well crafted songs combined with exceptional vocalists is perhaps the secret to Tedder’s success.

Certainly his biggest achievement so far is working on Adele’s ‘21’ album. They met at the backstage bash at the Grammy awards in 2009 and got on famously. Tedder decided it would be fun to get together and see if any song writing magic happens.

That album is very much a collection of songs about a messy break-up. Ryan seems to have got into Adele’s mind-set during the collaboration. They eventually wrote the tracks ‘Turning Tables’ and ‘Rumour Has It’ together. The latter was apparently recorded in one take by Adele. Clearly a winning combination.