Darren Milby column: Glorious Grammy triumph for Foxes

Louisa Rose Allen, better known as the Grammy award winning singer Foxes.
Louisa Rose Allen, better known as the Grammy award winning singer Foxes.

We had a visit from a Grammy Award winner at The Bay studios last week.

British artist Foxes won the award for Best Dance Recording with Zedd for their collaboration ‘Clarity.’

Foxes is perhaps best known in the UK for her recent hit single ‘Youth’.

I was hoping she would bring her Grammy with her so I could do the geeky thing and have my picture taken with it but she hasn’t even received it yet.

Apparently the one they are presented with at the ceremony isn’t the one they take home.

They get one sent in the post at a later date.

“If it was me I’d be terrified of Royal Mail losing it!

She nearly didn’t make it to the stage to collect the award.

Foxes told me: “It’s a really long ceremony with over 80 categories.

“About half way through I said to the guys from Disclosure ‘Do you reckon we’ve got time for a quick pint?’

“So we literally ran across the road, me in my gown and then I get a frantic call from my manager wondering where we were as my category was being announced!

“I had to down my beer. That’s how much I did not expect to win.”

I was keen to know how family and friends react to her success and Grammy award.

She told me “I’m lucky everyone just sees me as me. I haven’t even spoken to my mum since winning.

“She is on holiday in Thailand and is not on the phone.

“I assume she knows I’ve won!”

Foxes has done so well to have won a Grammy award before she has even released her debut album.

That is due to hit shops in May this year.

She told me “I’m a big fan of albums so I’ve put a lot of effort into album tracks.

“There are a few songs on there which may surprise a few people too.

“There are a few dance numbers but also some beautiful slower tracks.”

The album will be called ‘Glorious.’

If you are wondering why she calls herself Foxes it’s obviously not her real name.

Lots of people assume 24-year-old Foxes, who is from Southampton, is a band and not a solo artist.

The real reason is because her real name is very similar to Lily Allen’s.

It’s Louisa Rose Allen.

So she decided to come up with something a bit different and after her mum had a dream about the animals, the name Foxes was born.