Darren Milby column: British is best at music

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I tell you what Pharrell Williams is having a good summer.

The singer, rapper, producer has been involved in two of the biggest hits of the year so far.

He did lead vocals on the brilliant ‘Get Lucky’ by Daft Punk. The song was at number one for a month before being replaced by Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ which not only features Pharrell Williams but was written by him too.

He will certainly be getting a Christmas card from his bank this year.

According to Ringo Starr, if John Lennon had lived a Beatles reunion would have been very likely. George, Paul and Ringo did reunite in 1995 to produce two ‘new’ Beatles tracks featuring John’s vocals recorded in the 70s.

The tracks ‘Free As A Bird’ and ‘Real Love’ featured on The Beatles Anthology.

A reunion would have been amazing for my generation who never saw the Beatles but I think some things are best just left alone. Why ruin their amazing legacy?

We might be in an economic crisis but exports in music, at least, are booming. According to new figures, UK acts have accounted for 13.3% of all record sales on the planet in 2012. That’s the highest ever.

Adele’s 21 was a huge part of the success story. The album has been declared the best-selling album in the world for a second consecutive year in 2012. One Direction and Ed Sheeran have also sold gazillions of records worldwide.

Isn’t it funny we have some of the biggest selling music acts on planet earth yet we find ourselves unable to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest each year?