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A sea of people at the Morecambe Carnival 2014.
A sea of people at the Morecambe Carnival 2014.
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Recently singer/songwriter Kirsty Bertarelli popped into The Bay recently to record a live session for my show. Kirsty’s management got in touch with The Bay asking if we would like to do an interview.

After listening to her latest album ‘Indigo Shores’ which is a blend of country rock and heartfelt lyrics I arranged the interview.

Kirsty’s first taste of song writing success came in the 90s after penning the number one hit ‘Black Coffee’ for girl band All Saints. I asked her why she gave such a great song away. “I loved hearing my song on the radio and TV but it was hard to hear my own feelings being sung by someone else.”

Whilst researching Kirsty in preparation for our interview I was quite surprised by what I found out.

It turns out she is the richest woman in Britain with a fortune of around seven billion. Wow.

If I’d have known I would have dressed up a bit instead of donning my scruffy five quid trainers. To be fair to Kirsty you’d never have known. She was very down to earth with no airs or graces. And her album is very good too. Kirsty has taken a few years off whilst she had children and is now ready to embrace the music scene again after signing a record deal and a publishing deal so she can keep writing for other artists too. She must love the job as she clearly doesn’t need to do it for the money.

On a completely different note can I just say a massive thank you to everyone involved in the Morecambe Carnival from all the wonderful organisers, to the people who decorated the amazing floats and the incredible crowd who turned out to see the acts on The Bay stage. I was taken aback when I walked on stage for the first time.

There was people as far back as the eye could see, it felt like being at Wembley.

Thanks to all our brilliant celebrity performers and superb local acts too who were also gobsmacked at the size of the crowd.

David Hamner and James Atkinson from Carnforth told me backstage that the night before they were playing a gig to 16 people and there they were in front of thousands.

Morecambe band Fuse did an incredibly energetic set and had the crowd rocking. And Ulverston singer/songwriter Rita Baugh thoroughly enjoyed her performance as did the crowd.

I think all of us at The Bay are still on a massive high after such an amazing day.