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Joe McElderry winner of the first The Jump show.
Joe McElderry winner of the first The Jump show.
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On my Bay show last week I had a chat with the ever chirpy Joe McElderry.

Little Geordie Joe is turning into a reality TV expert.

He entered The X Factor’ and won it.

Then he entered Pop star to Opera Star and won it.

Just a few weeks ago he did The Jump, the ski jumping reality show for celebrities, on Channel 4 and once again won it.

Celebrities are getting wary of doing reality shows now, with the first question they ask before signing up ‘Is McElderry doing it?’

Joe is a very talented singer but despite winning The X Factor I always felt he didn’t really fit into the mould of an X Factor winner.

He is such a likeable lad which is why he keeps winning reality television shows and also the reason he has carved a career out for himself post X Factor.

He has veered away from the teen pop audience and instead aimed his career at mums.

It seems to have worked a treat as he is about to embark on a UK tour and is working on a new album.

I’m not good with heights and I must admit to feeling a bit queasy just watching The Jump.

I imagine his record label and tour promoters were holding their breath as Joe was flinging himself down huge drops on these mentally dangerous ski jumps all in the name of good telly.

Joe told me “I’m very very competitive.

“But I was having a battle with my brain saying be careful you’ve got a tour - look after your body.

“So it was a bit of a battle between the two.

“At the end of it I was full of bruises and I couldn’t hardly walk, my legs just seized up.”

Joe is working on a new album which is slated for release later on this year.

He will be giving fans a sneak preview by performing some new tracks on tour.

“I’m always working on new songs and ideas do tend to come to me at the strangest times.

“I write my best songs when I’m on a train.

“I just sing the tune into my phone and I get some really strange looks!”

The ‘Set Your Soul Alive Tour’ is Joe’s longest tour yet spanning over 60 concerts.

He said “it’s a brand new show with new songs, some favourites and material from all the albums including the classical stuff.

“There is so much variety it’s like four concerts for the price of one!”