BBC writer and broadcaster to compère three night Lancaster Music Co-op fundraiser

Ian Marchant
Ian Marchant
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More than 20 acts will come together next weekend for a three night Lancaster Music Co-op fundraiser.

Raise The Roof 3 will kick off at 8pm at The Yorkshire Taps in Parliament Street, Lancaster on Friday January 11.

All three nights will be compèred by writer, broadcaster and musician Ian Marchant, who first visited Lancaster Music Co-op in 1989 when he was a mature student at Lancaster University.

He later became one half of duo Your Dad with Chas Ambler.

Ian said: “I had promised my wife that I would give up being in bands, and settle down to do something useful.

“But on my first day as a student, I met a drummer and a trumpeter.

“If I’d met a guitarist, I would have been fine, because they are easy to get - but a drummer and a trumpeter?

“It was kismet, and thus was born The Prime Movers.

“I had a drummer, but he had no kit.

“I had a trumpeter, but we had nowhere to rehearse.

A still from Glass Roof.

A still from Glass Roof.

“The Lancaster Music Co-op answered all our needs, it hired us the gear, and the space to rehearse.

“We were one of the early users of the studio facility too, we spent a joyful three days while David Blackwell from the Lovely Eggs recorded our set.

“I have a t-shirt from the 1998 fundraiser at the Yorkshire House, which reads like a roll call of Lancasters late 20th Century scene - the High Planets, 50 Heads Wide, the Pier Group, Roadmap...

“It brings home the extent to which Lancaster’s vibrant music scene has been shaped by the music co-op for more than 30 years.

“Lancaster doesn’t know it’s born.

“Live music is in a parlous state, as venues across the country close, and oppurtunities for young musicians to learn their craft dry up.

“In lots of places I know, the idea of playing original music has gone, and only tribute bands remain.

“Without the LMC, this might well have happened to Lancaster too, but as it is, it rocks on. Long may it do so.”

The Co-op is hoping to raise as much money as possible for repairs to its Lodge Street base, which it has occupied for more than 30 years.

The fundraisers start at 7.30pm/8pm and entry is £7.

Friday night will see performances by Blacksheets of Rain, Words About Space, Into Vision, Montana Wildhack, Glass Poppies, Deccan Traps and 3D Tanx.

On Saturday January 12, from 8pm, Dear Francis, Nino’s Blue Saloon, The Charm, Hawkmen Dive, The Crippens, Khamun and The Peloton will take to the stage, and on Sunday January 13, Dan Haywood, Stuart Anthony, Wendy Longworth, Wife of Cain, Maggie McCreath, Pat Simmons and Ruby in the Dust perform.

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