Keep your family safe on holidays this summer

Thousands of people across Lancashire are jetting off abroad on the great Summer getaway - and most of them will have a good time without incident.Nobody plans to go on holiday and become unwell or have an accident, but the consequences can be appalling.Brits are now being more adventurous with their holidays. As well as favourites like Spain, Greece and Tenerife they are now travelling to new long haul 'terror free' destinations like Cuba, Dominican Republic and Mexico but they come with their own risks.Hundreds of Brits on holiday in Cancun in Mexico last summer were struck down with crippling sickness bug Cyclospora that is commonly spread by food or water contaminated with faeces. The outbreak sparked a public health warning by the Foreign Office and a new outbreak has already been reported this summer. Nolan Mortimer Head of Travel Law at Simpson Millar solicitors said people need to become more aware that standards abroad are often not as high as those we enjoy here in the UK.Nolan, who is representing holidaymakers from the Mexico illness outbreak, said: 'When people travel abroad they tend to let their guard down and forget about making basic checks on food that they would they would normally do.'As soon as we unpack that bag and lie on our sun lounger we ignore all the rules we follow when we are at home.'We have handled thousands of cases of people who have been seriously ill after swimming in a contaminated pool or eating half cooked food from a hotel buffet or injured in an accident during their summer break. These people sometimes end up with serious medical conditions that affect their whole life.'Accidents in hotel rooms where children fall against glass balcony doors and they shatter are also quite common and they can leave horrific injuries with lifelong consequences as the standards of the glass may not be as good as back home.'Also people regularly get injured on a waterslide at a water park with poorly maintained or designed equipment.Health and hygiene standards abroad are often

Thursday, 17th August 2017, 11:22 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:22 pm