Heysham artist exhibits new film

BOUNDARY-PUSHING Heysham artist Linder Sterling will exhibit her latest film at the Storey Gallery in Lancaster this month.

Described as a display of human sexuality, lunacy and chaos, Forgetful Green is based on a 13-hour improvisational performance which Linder presented at Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art and at Chisenhale Gallery, London in 2010.

In a glaringly vivid dream-like landscape, the film plays with the archetypes of glamour in all its guises, from beauty queens to witches.

Liverpool-born Linder has exhibited internationally including at the Tate, Baltic and PS1 New York, and will have a retrospective exhibition at Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris in late 2012.

A radical feminist and a well-known figure of the Manchester punk and post-punk scene in the late ‘70s and ‘80s, Linder became well known for her montages, which often combined images taken from pornographic magazines with images from women’s fashion and domestic magazines, particularly those of domestic appliances, making a point about the cultural expectations of women and the treatment of female body as a commodity.

See The Visitor (31-08-11) for full story.