Life and death moment off Mexican coast influences Morecambe band’s new single

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Nautical themes strike chords.

Over the years sea shanties, epic poems, classic novels, modern day pop records and movies have ascribed the deep blue to our collective culture the world over.

‘Heavy Rollers’ - the new single from Morecambe’s Philip James Turner and the Crow Mandala - was conceived from the sea, off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in 2001.

A storm sprinted in while Turner was a couple of miles out, in a small sailing boat; it was dark, the rain was heavy, the swell: swollen.

He said: “It was like being on the Waltzers.

“I thought I was going to die, but I couldn’t show it, I was being looked to for calm.

“Stupidly I didn’t put on a life jacket, to show how unconcerned I was.

“Like an idiot.

“Obviously, we made it back and there was no death.”

Some inspiration for a pop song!

The heavy roll of the waves then, perhaps a metaphor for what we are faced with in life, is the theme for the latest single.

Heavy Rollers Do Rock and Roll petitions us with fear of loss, addiction, realisation and of course rocking and rolling through it all.

Considering this against the end product is some juxtaposition.

Heavy Rollers is a song with incredible energy, performed with lavish musical dexterity which takes you on a real journey.

It’ll resonate with fans of Talking Heads and Johnny Cash, but on its most basic level it is a raucous pop banger.

Complete with bombastic Beach Boys style vocals on the middle eight!

Recorded and produced by Leroy Lupton at More Music in Morecambe ‘Heavy Rollers Do Rock and Roll’ is available to stream and buy on all major music platforms from September 27.

Philip James Turner & The Crow Mandala will be performing at Lancaster Music Festival at 5pm on October 12 at Kanteena. See for the full line-up.