Drama in the sawdust ring

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WATER for Elephants, based on the bestselling novel by Sara Gruen, has opened in Morecambe.

Starring Twilight favourite Robert Pattinson and Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon, the film recreates the book’s magical, old-fashioned love affair, within a 1930s circus troupe.

It’s a tale of forbidden love: Jake Jankowski (Hal Holbrook), a 93-year-old former circus worker and ex-veterinary student recalls his days at the struggling Benzini Brothers Circus in 1930s, Depression-era America.

A young Jake (Robert Pattinson) falls in love with the circus’s star performer, Marlena (Reese Witherspoon), who happens to be married to the tyrannical and emotionally unstable owner, August (Christoph Waltz), a man who charms one minute and is abusive the next.

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