What the greats ate for breakfast

Thomas Edison liked a breakfast of apple dumplings
Thomas Edison liked a breakfast of apple dumplings
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The first-ever cookery book containing breakfasts eaten by the likes of Mandela, Einstein, Edison, Gandhi, Austen, Nightingale, Darwin and even the first men on the moon has been launched.

Records show that Gandhi was known to have often eaten a simple breakfast of porridge and cocoa while Florence Nightingale, who was known to be fond of curry, opted for kedgeree.

The man who brought the light bulb to the world, Thomas Edison was once quoted as saying that a breakfast of apple dumplings was the ‘finest repast of his life’.

And Abraham Lincoln was said to be able to eat corn cakes twice as fast as anyone could make them.

‘The Most Important Meals Of Their Lives’ has been launched by charity Send a Cow as part of its new Break… Fast appeal. You can download the ebook for free at www.sendacow.org.uk/mostimportantmeal. There is a suggested donation of £2.50 to the appeal.

As well as raising vital cash, the campaign seeks to raise awareness of the importance of a nutritious breakfast in helping children in the poorest parts of Africa achieve their true potential.