Top 10 books to make you smile

Eric Morecambe with his comedy partner Ernie Wise.
Eric Morecambe with his comedy partner Ernie Wise.
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This week’s top 10 from Morecambe Library aims to bring back a ray of sunshine while we wait for the return of Eric to Morecambe’s promenade. Join us in a look at books about people who have made us laugh over the years.

1 Eric Morecambe: Lost and Found – Gary Morecambe

A rare insight into Morecambe’s favourite son.

2 Robin Williams: When The Laughter Stops – Emily Herbert

A look at the career of a man who often suffered in silence away from the cameras.

3 Milligan’s Meaning Of Life: An Autobiography Of Sorts – Spike Milligan

Spike shares his childhood in India, serving in the Royal Artillery and going on to become part of The Goon Show.

4 Tommy Cooper: Always Leave Them Laughing – John Fisher

An intimate portrait of the entertainer Tommy Cooper, this biography shows the real Tommy Cooper.

5 Diary Of A Mad Diva – Joan Rivers

Published shortly before her death, this is Joan Rivers at her best.

6 One Leg Too Few: The Adventures Of Peter Cook And Dudley Moore – William Cook

A look at the pair’s good and bad times.

7 Born Brilliant: The Life Of Kenneth Williams – Christopher Stevens

The story of Carry On films star Kenneth Williams includes unseen photographs.

8 The Trials And triumphs Of Les Dawson – Louis Barfe

This book celebrates the comedy genius behind the man.

9 Hello Darlings! The Authorized Biography Of Kenny Everett – James Hogg and Robert Sellers

This authorised biography draws on interviews with Kenny’s family and friends including Barry Cryer.

10 Tony Hancock: The Definitive Biography – John Fisher

An in depth look at the tortured soul of Tony Hancock.

*All these books are available at your local Lancashire library, or visit or to reserve your copy.