Murder and mystery in Victorian Morecambe

The Morecambe Medium
The Morecambe Medium
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Author and game designer Peter Cakebread has penned a comedy murder mystery set in and around Victorian Morecambe.

The novel tells the tale of the bumbling detective Augustus Mulberry and his long-suffering sidekick Doctor Arthur Touchstone as they investigate a series of murders.

The killings seem to revolve around the mysterious psychic of the book’s title, The Morecambe Medium.

But will defective detectives, Mulberry and Touchstone, be able to cope with a proper case?

Or will they be too distracted by tea shops, spooky séances and the length of Constable Cheeks’ beard?

Peter who lives in Lancaster and is half of the city-based game design company, Cakebread & Walton, said: “Me and my buddy, Ken Walton, had a lot of fun coming up with some crazy ideas for a mystery book, as well as doing a lot of research into local history,.

“Then I sat down and wrote the novel.

“If you like murder mystery with a comic edge, this is the book for you – and anyone who knows the area will recognise a lot of the places.”

And if you read the book and enjoy it, there’s more to come.

Peter said: “The characters took on such a life of their own that there’s a second novel in the offing,.”

The Morecambe Medium is available in print locally and online from DriveThru Fiction (, and as an ebook for Amazon Kindle and Kobo (as well as in various ebook formats from DriveThru Fiction).