Morecambe Library’s top 10 Horrid Henry books

When Horrid Henry picks up nits, his class are not going to enjoy it
When Horrid Henry picks up nits, his class are not going to enjoy it
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This week’s top 10 looks at Horrid Henry who is celebrating 20 years in print, and causing mischief.

All the books in the list, supplied by Morecambe Library, are by Francesca Simon.

1 Horrid Henry

The original book, first published in 1994, introduces us to Horrid Henry and his neighbour, Moody Margaret in four stories

2 Horrid Henry’s Nits

When Henry picks up nits he decides that he likes sharing and his class are not going to enjoy it.

3 Horrid Henry Rocks

This collection of stories brings together ‘Horrid Henry’s Invasion’, ‘Moody Margaret’s Sleepover’, ‘Horrid Henry’s Autobiography’ and ‘Horrid Henry Rocks’.

4 Horrid Henry’s Stinkbomb

More mayhem from Henry as his long-running war with Moody Margret steps up thanks to his latest weapon – a stinkbomb! He then goes on to win a school reading competition and goes on a sleepover in this popular Horrid Henry book.

5 Horrid Henry’s Underpants

Find out what happens when Horrid Henry wears the wrong underpants, negotiates over vegetables, finds a new way to write thank you letters and argues with his brother, Perfect Peter, about who is sickest.

6 Horrid Henry Meets The Queen

Find out what happened when the Queen visited Horrid Henry’s school and watched the children making wattle and daub. Other stories in this book include Horrid Henry trying to hypnotise Moody Margaret, Perfect Peter being tricked into doing the household chores and Horrid Henry getting his own way at bathtime.

7 Horrid Henry And The Football Fiend

Find out what happens when Horrid Henry aims to win the class football match. He also reads his brother’s diary, then alters it, goes on a shopping trip and comes face to face with his arch enemy, Bossy Bill.

8 Horrid Henry’s Krazy Ketchup

In the latest book find out the one thing that scares Horrid Henry, the return of Rabid Rebecca, and what happens when Horrid Henry turns film maker. Another collection of horribly funny stories.

9 Horrid Henry And The Mega-Mean Time Machine

Horrid Henry doesn’t need the TARDIS to time travel. He builds himself the mega-mean time travel machine, he also dines at Restaurant Le Posh with Rich Aunt Ruby and Stuck-Up Steve, and then goes on a hike.

10 Horrid Henry Wakes The Dead

Horrid Henry finds a way to always watch what he wants on television, aims to be the head of the school, enters the school talent show and battles with his brother over a green and purple dinosaur.

*All of these books are available at your local Lancashire library, or visit or to reserve your copy.