Morecambe Library’s books to watch out for in 2014

A Song for the Dying
A Song for the Dying
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With the start of a new year, Morecambe Library looks ahead to 10 of the books coming out over the following months.

1 The Lawless Kind – Matt Hilton

Joe Hunter has been called to Mexico to bring down a cartel, but this is not the main reason for his trip.

2 Harbour Street (Vera) – Ann Cleeves

Book 6 in the popular Vera series. Margaret Krukowsi has been stabbed on a busy train but no-one has seen anything. When another woman is murdered a few days later Vera knows she has to stop the killings.

3 Survivor – Lesley Pearse

Set in 1938, this is the story of Mariette Carrera who leaves New Zealand to go to London.

4 Unlucky 13 – James 

The latest volume in the Women’s Murder Club comes up against the most deranged and dangerous killer to date.

5 The Unpredictable 
Consequences of Love – 
Jill Mansell

When Josh Strachan returns home to Cornwall from sunny California he falls for photographer, Sophie Wells but Sophie has turned her back on love.

6 A song for the dying – Stuart MacBride

Eight years ago a killer called ‘The Inside Man’ murdered four women and left three more in a critical condition. Then he disappeared. When a body turns up with similar wounds it looks like he’s back.

7 The Runaway Woman – 
Josephine Cox

When Lucy finds out her husband is having an affair with her sister her life is shattered.

8 The Valhalla Prophecy – Andy McDermott

When a Viking runestone is stolen the race is on to find Valhalla, the legendary hall of the Viking warriors.

9 Balancing Act – Joanna Trollope

Everything is going well until one of Susie Moran’s son-in-laws wants to change things in the company.

10 Concealed in Death – 
J D Robb

When billionaire Roarke starts improvements on his new development a knocked down wall reveals the bodies of 12 dead girls.

All of these are available to order at your local Lancashire library, or visit or to reserve your copy now.