Join Morecambe writer Francis on life’s great journey

Francis R Denson's, The Journey of a Lifetime
Francis R Denson's, The Journey of a Lifetime
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A retired chartered engineer from Morecambe has charted a remarkable journey in his new book.

Francis R Denson’s autobiography, The Journey of a Lifetime, provides a fascinating insight into many aspects of the author’s very varied life and experiences up to and beyond his ‘retirement’.

Francis graduated in Civil and Structural Engineering from London and Dundee universities, and also qualified as a technology teacher.

In the UK he was engaged in both the practical and academic aspects of building and civil engineering construction but, having spent about half of his working life in African and Asian countries, has had the opportunity to expand his professional activities in several other fields.

He has been variously engaged as college principal, government training advisor, training management systems analyst, computer programmer, translator, instructor in the English language to foreign university academic staff and as compiler of crossword puzzles for a foreign English language national newspaper.

The book is Francis’ fourth with previous publications including X-WORDS – a book of 60 crossword puzzles with solutions, McGilvray’s Escape and Other Tales – a collection of short stories both fictional and factual, and Abroad in Lesotho which describes some of the author’s experiences during his six years working in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho.

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