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The Burning Question is… a bold new book written by an honorary research fellow at Lancaster University.

With testimonials from a high-ranking collection of experts including former Vice President of the United States Al Gore , the book seeks to challenge the world’s attitude to burning fuel.

Mike Berners-Lee, who also runs award-winning climate change business ‘Small World Consulting’ from the Lancaster Environment Centre, has co-penned the book with Guardian journalist Duncan Clark.

Despite all efforts to save energy and create more fuel efficiency, carbon emissions are still soaring sky high, warn the authors.

So far, green warriors at all levels have failed to reduce global warming or even make a noticeable dent in our emissions curve.

The Burning Question argues that the only way to tackle this is to demand that the world leaves its abundance of fossil fuel-rich reserves, worth trillions of dollars, in the ground.

“The book is written in a way that broadens people’s understanding and then gets right to the heart of the big issues on climate change,” said Mike.

“We hope people will gain a proper understanding of what’s going on and that big concepts, not widely and properly understood, will be brought to light.

“We want readers to feel this tells it like it is, doesn’t shy away from the problem and that despite all this there are still grounds for hope.”

The paperback book, priced £9.99, is available from Amazon and good bookshops.