Ex-teacher has it all mapped out

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Anyone who appreciates the beauty of maps will enjoy a handsomely-illustrated new book.

Dr Ian Saunders who recently retired after a career teaching physics at Lancaster University has achieved a long-term ambition with the publication of Printed Maps of Lancashire – the first two hundred years.

His book is packed with information about the physical creation of maps from the mid-16th to late 18th centuries.

It covers the entire historic County Palatine of Lancaster which stretched from the southern Lake District to modern Cheshire, taking in both Manchester and Liverpool.

A huge variety of landscape is represented in the maps: bustling cities, small towns and villages, the scenic Western Pennines, verdant plains and beautiful coastline such as Morecambe Bay.

Dr Saunders has researched and collected maps for 30 years with a special interest in his adopted county of Lancashire.

The previous book on Lancashire’s historic maps – Harold Whitaker’s A Descriptive List of the Printed Maps of Lancashire 1577-1900 – appeared way back in 1938.

Modern printing techniques have allowed the production of this new, superbly-illustrated book which offers far more to the reader than a listing of maps.

Whitaker’s work is fully updated by this new volume so it will still appeal to specialist collectors, but it is definitely aimed at a general audience.

The book is visually captivating with full-colour reproductions of maps on playing cards, maps in magazines and maps in atlases as well as maps which were created to hang on walls.

Published by the Centre for North-West Regional Studies at Lancaster University, Printed Maps of Lancashire is available in bookshops priced £19.95. It is also available through the university’s online store http://online-payments.lancaster-university.co.uk/