Crime thriller set in Lancaster

Crime writer Jamie Sinclair from Hest Bank.
Crime writer Jamie Sinclair from Hest Bank.
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Crime pays for Jamie Sinclair who has set his new book in Lancaster.

The Hest Bank novelist has just released ‘Fear’ – about four boys who kill a girl and bury her under a cricket square at a school in Lancaster.

Jamie, who has worked for the NHS for 10 years, said: “The book is about how the killing has ruined their lives.”

Like most of Jamie’s books, the subject matter is dark.

He said: “I’ve always written since I was a kid, but I got into writing books when I studied Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University.”

His first book, ‘Playground Cool’ , was a hit in 2000. With a wry smile, Jamie describes it as “chick lit”.

He said: “It was very much of the moment and very formulaic. It’s not representative of me as a writer. I’m naturally a lot darker and grittier.

“As a writer, I needed to find my voice.

“My work has gravitated over a series of novels to be crime thrillers.”

The 38-year-old, who currently works for the Community Health Service at Slyne Road in Lancaster, self-publishes his work on Amazon and through other digital formats.

Several of his books including ‘The Trust’, ‘The 24-Hour Jazz Café’ and ‘Ballrooms, Bars and Seawater Baths’ have been Amazon bestsellers.

He has also been the most downloaded crime writer in Britain, America and Germany.

As a lover of Lancaster and Morecambe, Jamie likes to use local settings in his books. Morecambe’s iconic Midland Hotel, the town’s old Winter Gardens theatre, the former Upstairs Downstairs pub, The Battery and Blobbyland all put in an appearance.

Jamie said: “The Trust’s main plot is about a serial killer with the backdrop of the NHS and the Moor Hospital.

“The murderer is based on a real serial killer from America. I used his crimes and located them in Lancaster.

“I’m a big fan of Lancaster and Morecambe but not necessarily a big fan of some of the people who live there. I have a pop at certain people because I think the area could be better.

“Morecambe is in a mess but not by accident. I choose to voice this through my books.

“I don’t slag Morecambe off. It was brilliant at one time. It’s full of people who want to see it improve.”

Jamie’s next crime thriller will also be set in Lancaster.

“The body of a young girl is found in Williamson Park,” he said.

“The book explores the subject of cyber bullying and teenage suicide.”

lFor more information on Jamie’s books go to or He has a blog at and his books are available to order in paperback.