Steampunk festival returns to Morecambe this week

Tea duelling, promenading and steam engine journeys are just some of the things taking place on the prom for A Splendid Day Out in Morecambe.

Tuesday, 30th May 2017, 11:00 am
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:29 pm
A Splendid Day Out Morecambe. Steampunkers Ian and Rose Roberts. Picture by Martin Corless.

The steampunk festival, Friday to Sunday, is in its fourth year and is organised by The League Of Splendid.

This year’s theme is Airship Pirates and events will take place throughout the town.

The festival centres around the world of steampunk, which combines the Victorian era with science fiction.

Tea duelling, whereby opponents use their cups and biscuits as weapons in a unique game, is one of the most popular events.

Organisers say their masked ball, Capt’n Nemo’s, at the Strathmore Hotel on Saturday has sold out.

The Krak’n Night Out begins on Friday (June 2) at The Carleton, with music from Victor and The Bully, Seas of Mirth and Mark Radcliffe’s Galleon Blast.

Saturday and Sunday (11am-4pm) will see The Platform and the Winter Gardens host an artisan market with entertainment from Ash Mandrake, Miss Harri Dean, Magician Kevin Cunliffe. A fairground will be outside.

Gully’s Garden party takes place on Saturday evening, from 7.30pm, at the Winter Gardens, featuring Dead of Night, Dead Man’s Hand and DJ sets, tickets £7 or £9 on the door.

The prom will be closed to traffic during the festival.

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