Tyson Fury Morecambe MP bid

Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury
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Heavyweight boxing star Tyson Fury wants to be the MP for Morecambe.

The outspoken fighter is eyeing a political career and says he’d make his home town “a better place”.

Fury’s comments came days after his multi-million pound world heavyweight title fight with Wladimir Klitschko was postponed and he turned up at a press conference dressed as Batman.

Tyson, known for his outrageous remarks on Twitter, campaigned for votes with a string of tweets on Monday night.

He said: “Wouldn’t mind being the MP for Morecambe, vocal & controversial something this town needs to pump some life back in to her!

“Vote Tyson Fury MP for Morecambe. The best MP ever, making Morecambe a better place to live & visit, discipline & respect.

“Would Tyson Fury get your vote for MP for Morecambe? I’ll have Morecambe booming in no time!

“People walking around West End of Morecambe like the living dead, they need help, I want to help! Vote Tyson Fury for clean streets.”

The 6ft 9in former British, European and Commonwealth Champion then tweeted Lancaster City Council asking for their support and posted a ‘Vote Tyson Fury’ logo.

Then on Tuesday morning, while out for a run on Morecambe Promenade, Fury spoke on his live video app about wanting to help the town.

“I’m here to try to make the town I live in a better place for people to live and come and visit,” he said.

“Morecambe was a booming place back in the 40s, 50s and 60s, today it’s mainly for old age pensioners, heroin addicts, crackheads and thugs, and I want to clean the streets up.

“Morecambe is a beautiful place. I think we’ve got one of the best views in the UK. It’s like living in the South of France, the Lakeland Hills are absolutely stunning. We’ve spent a fortune on walkways, grassed areas and car parks, and all we need is help. It’s all right making it nice and tidy but if you’ve got people here who need help desperately with drug and alcohol abuse, what are we going to do? “I deserve to be given the opportunity to help because I’m the most famous and influential person Morecambe has had in a long time. I can get these people on the right road, off the drugs, with the right help and courses.”

Later, in another video message, Fury spoke about meeting a man who was sleeping rough at the former Dome site on the seafront.

“I asked him ‘are you OK? Do you need a drink, some food?’ He said he was OK.

“Kind of sad though because it’s nearly October and it’s freezing. This guy is laid on the streets on the seafront, have you any idea how cold that man must be? You can’t force people to be helped. But it was quite upsetting to see my fellow man laying on the floor.”

Then the boxer tweeted that he would be out and about in Morecambe on Tuesday, “talking to the people on what they want to see changed in our town”.

David Morris, MP for Morecambe, said: “If Tyson ever decides to hang up his boxing gloves he could copy Vitali Kiltschko (Wladimir’s brother) the Mayor of Kiev.

“I’m wishing Tyson all the best but he will have to wait another five years for this bout!”

Fury, who moved to Morecambe four years ago and now lives in Hest Bank, was all over the world’s media on Friday when the Klitschko fight was postponed.

Undefeated Tyson was due to box the champion in Dusseldorf, Germany, on October 24.

But the Ukrainian suffered a calf injury in training. The fight is being rescheduled.

Two days earlier, the charismatic 27-year-old caused uproar when he arrived at a London press conference to promote the fight dressed in a Batman outfit.

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