Vale break world record

Action from the Vale of Lune world record attempt for longest tag rugby game on Saturday.
Action from the Vale of Lune world record attempt for longest tag rugby game on Saturday.
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HANGING in the Maurice Armstrong Bar at the Vale of Lune is a photograph of Andy Higgin displaying the technique that brought him a Guinness World Record for the number of drop goals registered in senior rugby.

Andy achieved this feat in the 1986/1987 season when he dropped 28 goals.

Hopefully another record will be soon be adorning the walls following the Vale’s attempt at establishing a new world record for the highest number of players taking part in a game of tag rugby.

The total to beat was 179 established by Penryn RFC last July and by the final whistle the Vale had reached 262.

The figures will have to be verified by Guinness World Records plus all the accompanying paperwork before the much coveted certificate is awarded and an entry in the next edition of the iconic Guinness Book of World Records.

With the sun well over the yard arm the intensity on establishing the record continued as the ages ranges of the players, from both sexes, rose, culminating with the appearance of the “golden oldies”, who after an intensive warm-up period and depositing false teeth and hearing aids in the valuable bag, brought the curtain down on the proceedings.

By then the record had been broken but still the relaxing continued on a splendid family day out, with the odd spot of physical activity.

Impromptu games of rugby broke out, a tug-of-war rope materialised, and the drums continued to thunder, the Shrimpettes performed with grace and gymnastic symmetry, toddlers hurtled around on the greensward, on a day that show cased the Vale’s membership with all sections of the club joining forces in a common cause.

As the stall holders began to pack away the karaoke was in full swing as wannabe singers belted out their favourite songs to an audience who were reluctant to leave behind such a picturesque scene that was bathed in evening sunlight with everyone hoping that the dreams of a record breaking day would become reality and all the hard work had been worth it.