Stewart is excited by Vale’s vision

Evan Stewart in action for Fylde.
Evan Stewart in action for Fylde.
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Evan Stewart says he’s excited by the Vale of Lune’s vision ahead of arriving at Powderhouse Lane next season.

The Lancaster Royal Grammar School director of rugby is swapping National One Fylde for the Vale as he prioritises coaching rather than playing.

He said: “I will be a coach/player rather than a player/coach because I won’t be available to play all of the time because of my work.

“The majority of time I will be coaching, but when I am available, I will play.

“I am quite excited to get up there and put my stamp on things.

“Dan Williams the head coach is going to look after attack and the backs, and I will be looking after the defence and the forwards

“Hopefully with the new executive Vale have put in place – the director of rugby, Paul Dorrington, and Dan and myself – we are quite hopeful that we will be able to build.

“We have not put any set targets but we want to become more successful and pull in some of that local talent that drifts away from Lancaster area and really get them to want to play for the club.

“What Vale have sold to me as a vision is something that I am quite excited about being involved in and being a part of.”

The back row forward is a former Fylde captain and led Lancashire to the Bill Beaumont Trophy in 2015.