Lancaster and Morecambe club runners take on district races

Lancaster and Morecambe Athletics Club.
Lancaster and Morecambe Athletics Club.

Lancaster and Morecambe Athletics Club runners have been busy in local races.

At the 20 Barriers multi-terrain race in Carnforth first Lancaster athlete was Jon Sear, his 39m.06 good enough for sixth.

Louise Goddard finished 21st in 41m.20, followed by Russell Waring running well in 45m.25.

Other finishers were George Parrington 47m.16, David Wilkinson 47m.54, Helena Lewis 48m.25, John Spooner 48m.26, Carole Wilkinson 50m.40, Tracey Bruce 51m.44, Nigel Beeson 53m.17, Cath Mossop 55m.50, Ashley Toms 55m.51, Kathy Edge 1h.00.32, Evelyn Elkington first vet 75 1h.09.33 and Lisa Preston 1h.11.43.

At the Lancaster Race Series Saturday night 5k, the win went to Robert Hodgson of Border Harriers in 15m.14, just beating Phil Waite of Barrow & Furness AC to the line by four seconds.

Taking third spot was Raymond Edgar in 15m.39.

Ray was well backed up by team-mates Beau Smith who ran 16m.16, closely followed by William Onek in 16m.18.

Other finishers were Calvin Routledge 17m.53, James Dalgleish 18m.00, Jon Sear 19m.03, Kieran Cooke 19m.06, Graham Hodgson 20m.32, Phil Fawcett 21m.09, David Wilkinson 21m.27, Louise Goddard 22m.36, George Parrington 22m.55, David Winkfield 23m.33, Laura Van Tatenhove 23m.47, Carole Wilkinson 23m.50, Nigel Beeson 24m.34, Jon Tibke 25m.09, Anne Dareys 25m.17, Michelle Whitton 26m.31 and Michael Watson 34m.03.