Hughies Gym fighters impress on Bury show

Adam Bonnell has his hand raised.
Adam Bonnell has his hand raised.

Hughies Gym had two boxers representing the club on Friday in Bury.

Adam Bonnell (11) took part in his first competitive bout against Jackson Salami from The Peoples Gym, in Manchester.

Dinnie Kelly (left) was victorious against Duke Scott.

Dinnie Kelly (left) was victorious against Duke Scott.

Adam started the bout from the first bell at a frenetic pace which completely threw Salami’s game plan out.

Salami had looked very confident warming up and it seemed his coaching team believed they were in for an easy night’s work, but Bonnell had failed to read the script and landed combination after combination from the first bell.

This continued throughout the round with Salami barely registering a shot on target.

The second round saw Bonnell carry on at the same pace, frustrating the home boxer and his team who had no answer to the onslaught.

As soon as the third round started, it was evident Bonnell was the fitter boxer because he carried the work rate through to the final bell.

As the boxers were called to the centre of the ring for the result it was clear to all who had won, and Bonnell had his hand raised as an unanimous winner.

Next through the ropes was Dinnie Kelly (17). He was in the ring against the far more experienced boxer Duke Scott, of The Fight Factory, Manchester.

Scott was the home town favourite having stopped his last four opponents by way of TKO, so the crowd were expectant of another win for their boy.

Kelly had other ideas and started the first round working out his tricky southpaw opponent and getting the more telling shots through and winning the round. The second round the pace and intensity stepped up, with Scott trying to intimidate Kelly with some wide and wild shots, but Kelly was able to out manoeuvre his opponent and work his way in and landed some very strong head and body shots that shook Scott to his core.

In the third round, Scott was unable to land clear shots and was getting frustrated as Kelly was able to pick his shots and score some clear head blows that clearly troubled the very game


As the round came to a close, Scott tried everything in his locker to catch Kelly and was throwing everything he had but Kelly showed his ring skill and evaded the shots, countering and catching his opponent right to the last bell.

The decision was inevitable after such a masterful display and Kelly had his hand raised as unanimous winner rounding off a great night for Hughies Gym.